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Incident Mitigation's five-step process

Facility Readiness

— Evaluation and planning for fundamental security measures.

  • Facility Threat Assessment
    • Facility security
    • Employee background investigation
    • Review of current technical security apparatus
  • Personnel Policy and Procedure Review
  • Security Recommendations
  • Security Training and Coaching

Paper Readiness

— Planning for asset protection of human, physical, intellectual and financial capital.

  • Plan and Facility Evaluation
    • Plan continuity
    • Hazard analysis
    • Protective actions
  • Crisis Response Planning
    • Emergency action plan training and implementation
    • Key officials plan management
  • Contingency Planning
    • Business continuity plan
    • Business resumption plan
    • Succession plan

People Readiness

— Capability to execute "paper readiness" through the alignment of people, processes, and tools. The result is cultural and environmental integration.

  • Assessing organizational culture (internal and external impacts)
  • Skill building & training
  • Coaching


— Measuring readiness of the organization.

  • Implementing and testing
  • Evaluation
  • Recommendations and corrective actions


— Operating in the "New Normal"

  • Ongoing assessment
  • Re-validation
  • Behavioral monitoring
  • Continuous improvement

Our unique process for incident mitigation

  • Your incident plans and services will be built around your culture
  • It will be accepted and used by your people because it is their plan they built it!
  • It fits the unique needs of your organizational processes
  • It does not require continuing maintenance by us to stay viable
  • It is a living, active part of your daily environment


Readiness to Recovery in the "New Normal"