The Threat Mitigation Team

As Managing Directore, Neil Simon is the senior contact for the WCCART activities. He is experienced in working with individuals and organizations in crisis. He has assisted with Boards, "C" level leaders, managers and supervisors, and front line personnel. His focus is helping organizations in crisis preserve the organization's Intellectual Capital. The team has additional consultants and experts available to assist an organization under siege.

Neil Simon

Neil Simon has thirty-five years' experience in working with organizations, communities, and individuals to improve performance. His work focuses on organizational Strategic Change and implementation. He utilizes a methodology he created called the A2D4 Self Design Approach that rapidly guides clients through a self-design process that produces sustainable change in the basic work, support and leadership processes within the culture of the organizations. Neil works with organizations to help them strategize, innovate, design, or re-design processes, departments, divisions, or entire organizations to optimize organizational performance. Neil's experience in the emergency response and mitigation, and organizational development and transformation fields comes together to help client systems receive the very best advice and support when developing plans, systems, and programs that will help them proact and react successfully in these times of chaos and uncertainty. Very few other consultants combine this extensive blend of experiences and expertise.

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