Threat Mitigation Services

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Situational AnalysisAssess the impact of the crisis on your organizational culture
  • An outside objective opinion as to where you are, where you want to go, what you need to do, and how to do it.
  • Risk AssessmentAssess the vulnerabilities of key personnel and their networks
  • Ascertain fears, concerns, and worries of key employees
  • Determine what employees need in order to continue focusing on the work of the organization
  • Determining who is at risk of flight
  • Determining vendettas and their causes
  • Strategy Development and ImplementationCreate and implement strategies and that will assist employees in focusing on their work and sustaining the organization
  • Help keep things together by creating a focus within the organization
  • Create a path for employees and leaders to follow
  • Helping the organization plan to fulfill its business needs
  • Cultural Adaptation ConsultingHelp create a work culture and environment in which the employees and leadership can focus on maintaining the organization's business
  • Create a tolerable work environment
  • Providing requisite leadership during tough times
  • Helping build a stronger work culture
  • Team DevelopmentDevelop and implement plans to counter employee reactions to events triggered by investigators
  • Rumor control
  • Team focus on business productivity
  • Peer support for coping with the federal investigation
  • Litigation Intelligence GatheringCreate a feedback network so employees can feed information to management about ongoing events and circumstances
  • Knowing what is going on with the employees
  • Knowing where the investigatory agencies are exploring
  • Securing information
  • Evidence ManagementSearch, assemble, collate, rank, digitalize & preserve, witness testimony & documentation
  • Timely collection of critical data to aid in accurate recollection and defense preparation
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